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picture book Monday

ESTIE THE MENSCH by Jane Kohuth with illustrations by Rosanne Litzinger (Random House 2011) is the story of a girl who would rather pretend to be an animal. Her parents and her grandmother are always telling her to be a mensch (person), but Estie prefers animals to humans until a trip to the zoo makes her see things differently. <408>

PUPPIES, KITTENS, AND OTHER POP-UP PETS introduces younger readers to the pop up work of Matthew Reinhart. Flaps, pop-ups and other movable tabs are sure to encourage interaction with the book. <409>

How much trouble can ONE LITTLE CHICKEN cause? Elka Weber retells a story from the Talmud for young readers as a girl takes care of a chicken that wanders into the house. before long, there are chicks. At market, the chicks are traded for goats and later the eggs and cheese are traded for more. This tale combines elements of cumulative stories with lessons from the Talmud about ownership and doing the right thing. <410>

THE INCREDIBLE LIFE OF BALTO by Meghan McCarthy (Knopf 2011) is a story that is familiar to some given other books and a movie based on the heroic actions of this sled dog who delivered much needed medicine to Nome, Alaska. Here the story is related in picture book format, making it accessible to younger readers. An author's note entitled "Detective Work" gives lots more info in a behind-the-scenes look at the story of Balto. <411>

ARTSY BABIES WEAR PAINT by Michelle Sinclair Colman with illustrations by Nathalie Dion is a board book with gentle good humor about the artistic abilities of babies. <412>
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