professornana (professornana) wrote,

reading with my ears again

A new division of Full Cast Audio, ONE VOICE, presents the audio version of Charles Benoit's YOU (Full Cast Audio/One Voice 2011). Narrator David Baker gives a breathtaking performance. I had read the novel early on in ARC, so I knew the story. However, as soon as the deep bass tones of the narrator rumbled through the speakers, I found myself once more transported to the world of "hoodie" Kyle Chase as he begins to relate his story in second person. This partially voiced performance hits all the right notes as Kyle meets the young man who will be his downfall, the clever and sardonic Zack. Pacing, intonation, inflections: all combine in this audiobook that perfectly conveys the menacing and inevitable events that lead to the tragic conclusion (and there is where the book opens: with the ending). Terse, tight, riveting: play just a few minutes of the audio to whet listeners' appetites and then get out of the way. <406>
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