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early morning rain

woke me up so I had a few moments to update the journal before the work week gets underway. Last night I flew through TRIGGER by Susan Vaught. Jersey Hatch is being released from the rehab center after a long and intensive time. He has spent the last year in hospitals and rehab as the result of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Jersey does not remember much about BEFORE the injury that left him blind in one eye and with damage to one side of his body. He also has some problems with processing because of the bullet's path. However, armed with his Memory Book and accompanied by his shaken parents, Jersey is about to go home and go back to school hoping to puzzle out what led him to try to kill himself.

Jersey is, of course, the most unreliable of narrators, not from deceit but from his inability to process as he once did. He cannot always control what comes out of his mouth. It is an odd mixture of words that seem random (but they are really not that random as we see things from Jersey's point of view) and incomplete thoughts. There is truth, though, in his utterances. Sometimes the truth is even too painful for Jersey as he sets out to discover the truth about his suicide attempt. The road is uneven and bumpy, a treacherous path for anyone let alone Jersey.

The character development is incredibly rich and detailed in this novel. The narrative, coming in fits and starts and stops, is what makes this story work so well. Readers will know Jersey well as he heads off on the road to understanding.

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