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Be Nimble, Be Quick, Read this Book

PETER NIMBLE AND HIS FANTASTIC EYES by Jonathan Auxier (Amulet 2011) takes readers on a journey with a thieving young blind boy and his sidekick, an enchanted knight who now resembles a horse-cat or a cat-horse. Peter begins this journey with a box that contains three pairs of eyes, one golden, one onyx, and one jade green. These eyes will assist him as he sets off on a quest. The voyage will end with Peter and Sir Tode on a desert island where Peter must fulfill a prophecy. <400>

This book begs to be read aloud a chapter at a time over the course of a few weeks. The chapters are wonderfully complete scenes in and of themselves. Ultimately, though, together they will transport the reader alongside Peter and Sir Tode as they battle all manner of danger. Action, adventure, and humor make this a terrific choice for sharing with middle grades.
Tags: adventure, fantasy, middle grade books
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