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Picture Book Monday

Since College Girl came over to see me for lunch and then a trip to Target for some necessities (a stepstool to climb into her bed!), I only had time for a handful of picture books today.

HONEYBEE MAN by Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooker (Schwartz and Wade 2011) is the story of a man who keeps bees on the rooftop of his apartment building in Brooklyn. He harvests the honey, a honey that carries with it the tastes of his neighborhood. Great book about bees and honey and how it is all done. <391>

Greta's father is a photographer. Greta finds a way to dress up as the current subjects of his shoots in A PHOTO FOR GRETA by Anna Alter (Knopf 2011). Perhaps one day she, too, will become a photographer. <392>

J. R. R. TOLKIEN by Alexandra Wallner with illustrations by John Wallner (Holiday House 2011) is a wonderful biography of the incredible author behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It begins with his childhood and ends with the publication of his trilogy. The illustrations are done with a board game running through them (move ahead two spaces, etc.) adding dimension to the straightforward text. <393>

After the end of the Civil War, a young boy walks home in search of his motehr, sold off by the master. He walks in and out of months searching for his Rosie Lee, a mother he longs to see again in WALKING HOME TO ROSIE LEE by A. LaFaye with illustrations by Keith D. Shepherd (Cinco Puntos Press 2011). <394>
Tags: biography, fantasy, historical fiction, picture books
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