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SISTER MISCHIEF by Laura Goode (Candlewick Press 2011) gives us hip hop smack in the middle of the suburbs of Minneapolis. Esme Rockett (aka MC Ferocious) and her fellow performers write their own music and lyrics. Right now, they perform impromptu concerts on public transportation and at Open Mike events. But things are about to break wide open for Sister Mischief as they are collectively known. When their school administration bans hip hop music and culture (clothing, etc.), Sister Mischief decides it is time to take a stand. They form a new school club called Hip Hop for Heteros and Homos (aka 4 H) and might even have lined up a teacher sponsor. Will 4 smart and determined teens be able torock the establishment and be all they can be? <334>

Romance, friendship, betrayal, social justice, music, sexuality: you name it and this book deals with it. It might seem over-reaching, but Goode manages to blend all of this into one song that blends many voices. Think opera but with a hip hop beat.
Tags: family, friendship, hip hop, romance, school, sexuality, social justice
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