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ANIMAL NAPS (Early Light Books 2011) has a lot of the "aww" factor, I know, just from the cover. But open up this book by Catherine Ham and you will discover a world of facts and information about animals and how they sleep. A fox curls its tail around its body to keep warm; a rhino sleeps with its nose underwater and comes up for a breath without fully awakening. Cool facts. Gorgeous photos. Poems about animals sleeping. Index. It is all here in this lovely small package. <324>

Stephanie Blake gives us Simon the Super Rabbit in A DEAL'S A DEAL (Random House 2011). When Simon makes a trade that turns out to be a bad one, he has a plan. It involves boogers. <325>

DOUBLE PLAY: MONKEYING AROUND WITH ADDITION is a concept book about counting by 2s by Betsy Franco (Tricycle Press 2011). As the monkeys head out to the playground, we can count 2 friends, 4 knees, etc. <326>

And speaking of concept books, here is EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE I'M FIVE by Valorie Fisher Schwartz and Wade 2011). The alphabet, numbers from 1-20, primary and secondary colors, opposites, and more combine to make this a super concept book (literally and figuratively). <327>

HEY! THAT'S NOT TRASH by Rene Jablow with illustrations by Mike Byrne (Little Simon 2011) is subtitled BUT WHICH BIN DOES IT GO IN? This is a great board book about recycling that has contents that can be popped out of the page and deposited in the recycle bins at the bottom of the cover page. <328>

I AM THE TYRRANOSAURUS by Anna Grossnickle Hines (Tricycle Press 2011) has a young boy acting out various types of dinosaurs in pantomime along with the "riddle" that is posed on each double page spread. Meet triceratops, tyrranosaurus, and other dinos. <329>

LITTLE BLACK BOOKS by Renee Khatami (Random House 2011) is a lift the flap, scratch and sniff, and touch and feel board book. Meet black bunnies, a black velvet dress, some black licorice, and more in this interactive book. <330>
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