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under the wonder of the moon

MOONGLASS by Jessi Kirby (Simon and Schuster 2011) is the story of Anna. As a child, Anna and her mother would often search the shore for moonglass, smoothed glass tossed up by the surf at night. Anna has a collection she keeps; it is all she has left of her mother who one night walked into the surf fully clothed and did not return. Now Anna and her father have moved to a new house near the water. He has taken on a new job supervising lifeguards leaving Anna to wander the beach still searching for those precious bits of glass. She discovers much more: a history of her mother and father as teens and perhaps friendship and love. Though the cover may suggest this is a romance (and there is a budding romance present), the book deals with much more, especially the way a teen must struggle with the loss of a parent. <323>
Tags: death and dying, grief, romance
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