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short and sweet and shuddery

Hamster is back from his adventures in HOT ROD HAMSTER. Now it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAMSTER (Scholastic 2011) again pairing author Cynthia Lord and illustrator Derek Anderson. Hamster accompanies his friend on a series of errands. It is his birthday, and he is wild with anticipation of cake and presents and cards. However, his friend seems more interested in other things. Of course, there is a party waiting when the two arrive back at Hamster's house. The text is rollicking rhyme that is reflected in the illustrations that burst with the barely held in check emotions of the hamster. Tie this with CHATO AND THE PARTY ANIMALS. <320>

From the fun to the frightening, we move to BUGS AND THE WORLD'S CREEPIEST MICROBUGS in 3 D no less by Paul Harrison (Scholastic 2011). A pair of 3 D glasses inside the cover allows readers to see some of the most disgusting bugs in all their glory. Lots of fun facts to amaze and perhaps dismay your family and friends as well. <321>
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