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quick takes on picture books

BIRD, BOY, AND DOG by David McPhail (Holiday House, September 2011) is part of the I LIKE TO READ series. It will seem familiar to those of us who grew up with the basal readers as it is a series of short sentences with short words describing a day in the life of a young boy, a bird, and a dog. <307>

DINOSAURS DON'T AND DINOSAURS DO by Steve Bjorkman (Holiday House, September 2011) is a book of manners. Think Goofus and Gallant: good dinos eat their food with utensils; they do not slurp off their fingers, etc. <308>

IN JONATHAN AND THE BIG BLUE BOAT by Philip C. Stead (Roaring Brook 2011) a boy sets off in search of his beloved teddy bear traded by his parents for a toaster. The cumulative type structure and the detailed drawings make this one to sit and enjoy for hours. <309>

THE LION AND THE MICE is a variation of the Aesopian fable by Rebecca and Ed Emberley (Holiday House, September 2011). Cut paper collage that is rather cubist in its approach makes this an interesting adaptation. <310>

Harry the horse knows how to gentle other creatures in the barn in OH HARRY! by Maxine Kuman with illustrations by Barry Moser (Roaring Brook 2011). Harry's skills are put to the test when a particularly rambunctious child comes for a visit to the stables. Moser's illustrations, particularly the close ups of the faces of animals human and equine, are perfectly rendered. <311>

PRINCESS ZELDA AND THE FROG feature two unusal dogs in the title roles of the princess and the frog retelling by Carol Gardner. Illustrations are photos by Shane Young of what I can only imagine are some long-suffering and good-natured canines. (Feiwel and Friends 2011) <312>

STAR OF THE SEA by Janet Halfman with illustrations by Joan Paley (Holt 2011) is a nonfiction book all about a day in the life of a starfish. Loved learning that starfish surround their food then their stomach comes ut of their body to feed. Cool. <313>

STUBBORN AS A MULE by Nancy Loewen (Picture Window Books 2011) is a book of similes. In addition to suing the similes, this particular figurative language is explained and some old similes are given historical information as well. <314>

THELONIOUS MOUSE by Orel Protopopescu with pictures by Anne Wilsdorf (FSG 2011) features a mouse so enamored of jazz and syncopation that he often puts his own life at risk at the hands, er paws, of the cat. Of course, it all ends jazzily happily ever after. <315>
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