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running ahead to catch up?

Since I know what the calendar looks like next week, I thought I would post a few days in advance. Here are the the last three of my #bookaday selections from the weekend so far.

No cover for this anthology coming from Chronicle Books and edited by Kelly Milner Halls, GIRL MEETS BOY. The stories are in pairs from a male and a female author. Each pair tells the same story but from the other person's point of view. Kelly Milner Halls and Chris Crutcher each provide a story about a romance between an average guy and a dangerous girl. Rita Williams Garcia and Terry Truman's stories follow the budding relationship between an African American girl and a white boy. A girl setting up her brother's first date with another guy is tackled by Ellen Wittlinger and James Howe. This is a masterful collection (I love anthologies) that explores some new territory. Pair this collection up with the Nye and Janeczko poetry collection: I FEEL A LITTLE JUMPY AROUND YOU. <304>

Here is a second collection on two counts. It is the second collection I read this past weekend, and it is the second collections from Guys Read. GUYS READ THRILLER is edited by Jon Schiszka (Walden Pond Press, September 2011). Contributors include Tobin Anderson, Walter Dean Myers, Matt de la Pena, Margaret Peterson Haddix, and Bruce Hale among others with illustrations from Brett Helquist. A fine assortment of mysteries and other types of thrillers including ghost stories and things that go bump in the night. <305>

I am curious: when you approach an anthology, do you read from beginning to end like I do? Or is that too linear sequential? Do you instead pick and choose?
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