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literature as hope for readers

As the events of 9-11 are memorialized on the 5th anniversary, once more we are reminded of the power of words in the healing process. Joan Kaywell has known about this remarkable power of words, especially words in books for YA readers, for years. Active in ALAN, Joan has written about the use of literature with teens who are troubled. Now, she presents us with a collection of letters between teens and the YA authors whose books saved their lives or spoke to them at a gut level. For DEAR AUTHOR: LETTERS OF HOPE, Kaywell asked YA authors to send her those letters from readers that moved them. She in turn created composites of those letters and then asked the authors to respond to them. The result is a moving book that teachers and counselors and others who work with teens will find valuable. The book is due out from Philomel in the spring of next year. Unfortunately, the cover is not available for viewing at amazon. But, do not let that stop you from finding this book, one that might save or change the life of another reader out there.

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