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You Need This Book!

I spent a good part of Friday morning reading and tweeting out from LJer Kate Messner's new professional book from Stenhouse, REAL REVISION. Messner has written a book that anyone working with writers will want to read, annotate, read again, and OWN so he or she can mark it up like crazy. Mentor texts, ideas from authors ranging from Kathi Appelt to Cynthia Lord to Eric Luper and Tom Angleburger, offer real writer accounts of the struggle with revision along with some concrete tips. Messner points out that, first and foremost, real revision takes TIME. However, even with limited time, Messner makes all sorts of suggestions for working with students. An incredible array of black line masters that can be given to students is included in an appendix. This is a positive treasure. <300>
Tags: professional book, revision, writing
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