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hurray for picture books

Great nonfiction in English and in Spanish is BAR GRAPHS (Graficas de Barras) from Capstone Press (2011). Simple text and lots of examples show how to use bar graphs to convey information. <296>

OTTO THE BOY WHO LOVED CARS by Kara LaReau and Scott Magoon (Roaring Brook 2011) is the story of a boy consumed by his love for cars. He is so obsessed that one day he turns into a car. It is not too much fun to be a car, and Otto longs to be a boy again. <297>

PRUDENCE WANTS A PET but her parents do not want her to have one. Cathleen Daly and Stephen Michael King (Roaring Brook Press 2011) team up for a funny look at a girl who takes ordinary objects and tries to make them into pets: twigs, rubber tires, her brother. <298>

ZOOLA PALOOZA by Gene Barretta (Holt 2011) is subtitled A BOOK OF HOMOGRAPHS. Attend a concert with a bass on bass with a singer whose entrance will entrance. You get the idea. <299>
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