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picture books galore

Wendy Wahman gives readers an up close and personal look at what a cat wants in A CAT LIKE THAT (Holt 2011). Cats want someone who can read their tails, pet them but not rub their bellies, someone who will give them privacy. Bold illustrations accompany a simple text. <293>

COLORES DE LA VIDA: MEXICAN FOLK ART COLORS IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH by Cynthia Weill (Cinco Puntos 2011) features colors in English and Spanish accompanied by Mexican folk art of animals in the various colors. Great for introducing kids to another language. <294>

Here is a graphic novel version of THE ELVES AND THE SHOEMAKER by Martin Powell with illustrations by Pedro Rodriguez (Stone Arch Books 2011). Since many students may not know the fairy tale, here is a terrific and developmentally appropriate way to make sure that is remedied. <295>
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