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picture books return!

Went up to the office today for the first time in about 3 weeks. I managed to get books pulled and shelved and even had time to read a few! Here are some I had the time to read today.

NAP TIME FOR KITTY (Hello Genius 2011) by Michael Dahl with illustrations by Oriol Vidal is a board book perfect for reading just before nap time. A busy kitten just does not have the time for a nap until...<290>

THE PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN by Roberto Piumini with pictures by Mirella Mariani (Picture Window Books 2011) is a faithful retelling of the Grimm Brothers tale complete with the rather grim ending. Add this to a unit on fairy tale variants to show readers how different versions exist of the same or similar stories. <291>

MARGO AND MARY'S ADVENTURES IN READING by Thomas Troupe with illustrations by Natalie Vasquez (Picture Windows 2011) would be a perfect accompaniment for the book I am listening to right now CHARLIE JOE PARKER'S GUIDE TO NOT READING. Here, though Margo and her faitful bookmark, Marky, travel to all sorts of lands and have plenty of experiences through books. This book reminds all of us of the importance of books, reading, libraries, and librarians. <292>
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