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travels and travails with Gantos

MacMillan Audio (2011) gave Jack Gantos free reign to narrate his audiobook of DEAD END IN NORVELT. I heard Jack talk about the book in April at TLA and read the ARC of it immediately. On the drive home from San Angelo, Jack accompanied me in the form of this hilarious audiobook. I seldom think authors are the best choice as narrators of their own work, but Gantos is the rare exception. His droll humor comes through loud and clear in this story from his won childhood. Phrases and word play I had missed in the ARC were brought to my attention. Hearing the story again reminded me of Gantos' skill at taking moments and making the most of each and every one. The scene when Jack first goes to help hius neighbor write an obituary for one of the town's elderly residents and discovers her with her hand in a pot on the stove is laugh out loud funny (be careful listening to this in the car by yourself in order to avoid weird reactions from fellow drivers). Jack's bloody nose, his father's airplane, the poisoned food that is hastening the deaths of the elderly in Norvelt: all combine to provide an audio that is funny and thoughtful. <286>
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