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Flew home from New Orlaans and ALA yesterday. Did laundry. Repacked. Voila! A mere 7 hours later, I am in west Texas, San Angelo to be exact. Tomorrow, The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller and I do an all day workshop for teachers and librarians. Of course, I brought plenty of books and audio to keep me company for the trip here and then back home on Friday.

To get me energized for the long drive I listened to this first:

Candlewick on Brilliance gives us Alan Katz' MOSQUITOES ARE RUINING MY SUMMER AND OTHER SILLY CAMP SONGS. Shades of Wee Sing and Play, here are the parodies of songs all about summer camp (and if you are old enough, think Allan Sherman's HELLO MUDDAH, HELLO FADDUH). Sung to the tune of Bring Back my Bonnie to Me is the title poem. Other tunes include The Battle Hymn of the Republic (This Whole Bunk Is Very Cluttered) and Skip to my Lou (Someone Send Me Home Now). I listened to it and then sang along. <284>

Then, I listened to this book in audio:

Some of my Twitter folks recommended this book, SMALL AS AN ELEPHANT, by Jennifer Jacobson. Candlewick on Brilliance, with narrator William Dufris, brings to life the story of Jack. He is camping with his mother but awakes the first morning to find her, her tent, and the rental car all gone. It seems as if his mother is in one of her "spinning" times. Jack sets off to find her, knowing that if he is found alone he may be taken away from her and sent to live with his grandmother. Harrowing travel, several helpful strangers, and his obsession with elephants (each chapter opens with a reference to elephants including one from Kate DiCamillo's THE MAGICIAN'S ELEPHANT) may just keep Jack safe. <285>

I started listening to Jack Gantos' reading of his newest book, DEAD END IN NORVELT and will finish it on the drive back, I suspect. Now to read some more of the new Sara Zarr ARC, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE...
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