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the return of Harris Burdick

THE CHRONICLES OF HARRIS BURDICK (Houghton Mifflin, October 2011) is a treasure. More than a quarter of a century ago (how old do I feel), Chris Van Allsburg published THE MYSTERIES OF HARRIS BURDICK. I used that book in my classroom for writing prompts (I even have the poster sized illustrations that were produced some time ago). Now, 11 authors, winners of Newbery, Caldecott, and Printz awards among other honors) each take one of the mysterious illustrations from the original book and spin their stories. Steven King, M. T. Anderson, Kate DiCamillo, Walter Dean Myers, Sherman Alexie, Lois, Lowry, Cory Doctorow, Linda Sue Park, Louis Sachar, Tabitha King, Gregory Maguire, Jules Pfeffer, Jon Scieszka, and Chris Van Allsburg have created a book that deserves to be shared with readers, those who know the original and those who have never seen it. The stories, as the illustrations, all possess a sort of "twilight zone" surreal quality to them. Some of the stories are lighter, more humorous takes on the illustrations. Others are darker, more eerie. Suffice to say, this is a collection that will draw readers in. Compelling, creepy, perplexing, and perfect. <281>
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