professornana (professornana) wrote,

almost back to normal, whatever that is...

Finished reading AFTER THE WRECK, I PICKED MYSELF UP, SPREAD MY WINGS, AND FLEW AWAY by Joyce Carol Oates when I was not napping away the time difference between here and Alaska. I think Oates is one of those rare authors who can transcend age barriers and be comfortable writing for teens and for adults. Jenna is the lone survivor of a wreck that killed her mother. Jenna herself is hurt badly and faces a long rehab. The physical scars are one thing; however, the emotional scars are not visible and not healing very well at all. Told in snippets of narrative, almost stream of consciousness, skilled readers will see just how shattered Jenna's life is, as shattered as her body from the wreck and its aftermath. Oates lets Jenna tell the story her way, with lots of false starts and stops. It is incomplete and piecemeal as is Jenna's road to recovery.

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