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26 June 2011 @ 08:56 am

Helen Frost's latest novel in verse is HIDDEN (FSG 2011). One day, Wren's mother leaves her in the car while she runs inside a store. Wren hears gun shots and clambers over the front seat and hides on the floor of the back seat. Someone, not her mother, drives off in the car. Now, Wren is captive in the garage of the person who might have killed her mother. This unknown person also has a daughter, one who discovers Wren's presence and leaves her food. Ultimately, Wren escapes. Her mother is, thankfully, alive; Wren is reunited with her mother (thankfully alive) and is able to show police where she was hidden. Flash forward 6 years. Now Wren is at summer camp when she sees a new girl arrive: it is the daughter of her "kidnapper." The two recognize one another and now must determine how much they will let on over the summer. Frost, in her hallmark poetic style, lets readers see both sides of the same set of events. As always, her poetic constructions are a feat of engineering (in one section, the last word of the long lines of poems tell Darra's story). <279>


other Frost novels in verse such as DIAMOND WILLOW
Mel Glenn's WHO KILLED MR. CHIPPENDALE and his other novels in verse
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