professornana (professornana) wrote,

glorious pictures and books from some favorite authors

Jon Agee tells the story of a young boy whose pet rhinoceros seems to be defective somehow. In MY RHINOCEROS (Michael Di Capua Books, September 2011), the boy seeks advice only to be told that rhinos do very few things. They pop balloons and tear holes in kites. This particular rhino, however, can do one more surprising thing. <273>

Several of Grimm's fairy tales are retold by Eric Carle in TOM THUMB (Orchard Books, September 2011). Of course, the glorious cut paper collages are present as Carle tells the tales of Tom Thumb, The Fisherman and His Wife, Hans in Luck, and The Seven Swabians. Students might be familiar with one or two of these tales; I suspect the others will be a revelation. This book will provide an excellent opportunity to visit the 398s for some exploration of variations of folk tales. <274>
Tags: eric carle, jon agee
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