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pictures worth hundreds of words

EVEN AN OCTOPUS NEEDS A HOME by Irene Kelly (Holiday House, September 2011) is all about habitats for animals. Bright colors and large images tell readers about the different "homes" animals make in their environs. <266>

FIESTA CON PIZZA (OR PIZZA PARTY) by Lawrence Schimel (Panamericana Pictorial 2004) is a bilingual text about pizza, friends, and fractions. Ana and Brad make pizza and begin to share when friends arrive. Now, the pizza cannot be divided equally. How to remedy the situation? Make more pizza, of course. <267>

Gail Gibbons, preeminent author of nonfiction picture books, gives readers IT'S SNOWING! (Holiday House, September 2011). Everything you need to know about snow is here in clear and detailed text and illustration. <268>

What a predicament! All our main character wants is a puppy. But at a garage sale, he buys a dinosaur egg. Of course, there are some complications, especially when his triceratops runs away. Mercer Mayer's funny take on dinosaurs living among us in TOO MAY DINOSAURS (Holiday House, September 2011) is not only a fun read aloud, it will be one for young readers to spend some time searching for the not-quite hidden dinos. <269>
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