professornana (professornana) wrote,

a cautionary tale

BLINK AND CAUTION by Tim Wynne Jones (Candlewick 2011) has been my audiobook for the past couple of weeks (Candlewick on Brilliance performed by MacLeod Andrews). Blink and caution are both living on the streets, both estranged from their families for different reasons. As the novel opens, Blink wanders into a kidnapping that just might be staged. As she is dealing with the "victim" of the kidnapping, his path will soon cross that of Caution, living with an abusive boyfriend who also runs drugs. Separate story lines heighten the tension in this adventure with a touch of romance. At first, Blink and Caution are less-than-trusting companions. Each has been badly burned by events of the past. And Caution even robbed Blink when they first met. How the two come together to save one another makes for an interesting read and a terrific audiobook as well. <265>
Tags: adventure, mystery, romance, ya
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