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the mystery is afoot again

As you will see, I am posting some tings in advance. On Sunday, I head to Steven Layne's LITERACY IN MOTION Conference. I return after the presentation Monday, climb into my car at the airport and buzz over to San Antonio where I will do a brief session for Beers and Probst's Heinemann Institute, READING ON THE RIVER. Then, back into the car and back home. I take off for ALA the following day. When I get back from ALA, I climb back into the car and drive to San Angelo to present an all day workshop with The Book Whisperer, Donalynn Miller. Then, it is July 1, and I am on the wy back home. I do plan to stick around here for July and just teach my classes, grade student work, and read.

So, in the meantime, here are some new ##bookaday selections.

Carol Plum-Ucci has provided readers a more than satisfying sequel to THE BODY OF CHRISTOPHER CREED in FOLLOWING CHRISTOPHER CREED (Harcourt, September 2011). It is now 4 years since Creed disappeared from his home in Steepleton leaving behind the most cryptic of messages. Creed also left behind a domineering mother, several bullies, and a huge mystery. Now, college reporter and fanatic, Mike Mavic, has come to Steepleton following up on the report of a newly discovered dead body. Is it Christopher Creed?

I do not want to give any more away that might spoil this for readers who are either new to the story of Creed or who enjoyed the Printz Honor winning Body of Christopher Creed. Suffice to say, there is plenty here to enjoy. While it helps to know the beginning of the story of Christopher Creed, it is not entirely necessary to have read the first book as Plum-Ucci provides the back story, too. It is nice to see the YA mystery coming back strong. <264>
Tags: sequels, ya mystery
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