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Happy New Year

Sorry to be away for a long time, but we spent the holidays on the west coast and I opted not to do any work for 10 days. It was tough to be away from emails and internet, but the weather was terrific and it was nice to just hang out and spend time with family.

I did manage to read two lovely galleys, though. Pete Hautmann's INVISIBLE due out in the spring of 2005 is another tour de force from this year's winner of the National Book Award. It is a slim novel that keeps you guessing until the bitter end.

Tofu and T Rex by Greg Leitich Smith is a terrific follow up to his first novel. It is a humorous story of two gifted teens, one a Vegan and the other a staunch carnivore, who wants to make his mark in the sausage making field (how is that for conflict?). The two team up due to an odd set of circumstances, circumstances that lead back to the scene of the first novel, an incredible school for gifted students in the heart of Chicago. The story is a quick read, packed with tons of information about veganism, sausage-making, and assorted other topics. How do tofu and T Rex connect with each other? That, dear readers, is at the heart of the book and its startling climax.

I am off to complete all sorts of getting ready for the new semester tasks. Will read more in the New Year (one resolution) and write soon.
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