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If I have not admitted it before here on the blog, I was not a particularly stellar student when it came to history. I could memorize dates and such for an exam, but I never really saw the STORY of hiSTORY. It was mostly just reading textbooks and answering questions. However, nonfiction, most especially nonfiction for children, tweens and teens has helped me to learn more about history and enjoy the learning experience. Such was the case for GHOSTS IN THE FOG by Samantha Seiple (Scholastic, October 2011). Japan invaded two of the islands in the Aleutians during WWII. They took the natives captive. Some were killed; others were sent to Japan to prison camps. Some remained in the islands to serve the Japanese. This invasion was not widely known about for some time. Now Seiple uses primary resources to tell of the harrowing experiences of a handful of those involved in this chapter in American history. Short chapters, archival photos, and personal stories make this nonfiction not only interesting but easily accessible. History teachers could use this to supplement textbooks which tend to focus on WWII in the Pacific and in Europe and not even mention this potentially hazardous landing on American soil.
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