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cat-ching up

Scout is reluctant to let me do much work that does not involve petting him and reassuring him I am home for a few days (putting away the suitcases helped a bit). Even though we kept busy on the trip to NYC, I did manage to read a few books in between sightseeing, Broadway, Times Square, and running errands for my hostess. So, I will try for some catch-up posting on my #bookaday reading.

I read this book before we left on our trip but did not have time to post anything here. Kristen Chandler offers readers insight into the wolves that inhabit Yellowstone National Park along with the deep divide the re-introduction those wolves caused between environmentalists and some residents, particularly those with livestock. Readers learn all this through the eyes of KJ Carson, daughter of a fishing and wildlife guide. When a new (and very attractive) boy shows up at her school, KJ's life is changed. Virgil and KJ manage to rile up most of the town with their wolf watching and the articles KJ writes for the school paper. Emotions run high, and violence begins to shatter the town and the relationships KJ once thought were stable. Part mystery, part nature story, part romance, this is a novel young women will find fascinating and appealing.
Tags: environmental issues, wolves, ya
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