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How can you not pick up a book entitled HOW I STOLE JOHNNY DEPP'S ALIEN GIRLFRIEND (Chronicle 2011)? Author Gary Ghislain's novel gives readers a young teen named David living in France with his psychiatrist father on a remote property where Dad treats his young patients. Enter Zelda, a knockout young woman who manages to escape from custody of the police and his father as well. She claims to be an alien who can only return to her world by finding the person she is destined to take back to her all female planet where men are destroyed. Her supposed target? It just might be Johnny Depp. David is enamored of Zelda and finds himself unable to resist helping her despite his skepticism about her life story. Before long, though, Zelda and David are on the lam in pursuit of Mr. Depp. Along the way there is plenty of action and adventure and, well, zaniness. The characters are, indeed, quirky (David's father would caution you about calling anyone nuts, but...) including David's mother, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's daughter, not to mention the other aliens who might help or harm Zelda. <253>
Tags: aliens, france, ya
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