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glaciers, bears, AND a book?

How great can a day get? We headed off to see a glacier this morning from Anchorage. Despite gale force winds and slashing rain, we managed to get some shots of the glacier near Portage Creek and then had lunch in a cool little place in Girdwood. On the way back up the highway to Anchorage we spotted a huge black bear surveying the highway from his vantage spot on a ledge. Too cool.

Finally, we returned to the hotel for the evening and I had time to knock out STREET PHARM, one of the QP nominated books. Ty is 17 and running his father's drug business while Dad does time in prison. It seems as if nothing can change his life. Getting kicked out of school and sent to an alternative placement, though, opens Ty's eyes to the danger of his life. It takes some doing, but Ty is able to leave the business and begin his new life.

I know this will appeal to reluctant readers. The language and actions of the characters ring true. This is no GO ASK ALICE. This book rings much more true.

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