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When you read a book with this title in public: ATTACK OF THE VAMPIRE WEENEIS AND OTHER WARPED AND CREEPY TALES (Tor 2011), you need to expect comments from people. And I am happy to talk about David Lubar's collections of weenie tales to anyone who should ask. Our own LJer has crafted another collection that is sure to be a hit with kids and with teachers and librarians looking for some short stories to share with students. Warper, yes. Creepy, sometimes. Funny, yes that too. Lubar is a master of this format (though do not take that to mean the guy cannot write one heckuva novel, because he is dangerous there as well), one that just does not get the respect it deserves, especially from kids. Cooties (and where they go when you manage to give them to someone else), video games (that are all too real), vampires (and the mistaken lore we have from a certain series of books), football (and what it must feel like to leave that comfortable armchair), and princesses (who prefer dragons to princes) are just some of the fellow travelers you will meet in this collection. <251>
Tags: david lubar, story collections, vampires, weenies
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