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enjoying bookaday

This is my second official summer with Donalyn Miller's (THE BOOK WHISPERER) Bookaday Challenge. Though I have been maintaining a bookaday pace since the beginning of the year, this is the puch I need for summer to keep attacking the TBR pile that never seems to get shorter (though my bookshelves at home are not all double shelved right now!

Yesterday, I read two books before I headed out for my day of pampering. After hair cut and color and a mani/pedi, I had finished the 3rd book of the day. Today I plan to work from the house and find time to read Jo Knowles (our own LJer) PEARL. It is nice to have some time right now before students begin turning in work in earnest for the summer sessions.

SQUISH #2 BRAVE NEW POND Random House, September 2011) gives us the further adventures of Squish, the would be super amoeba. Jenni and Matt Holm, creators of BabyMouse) have a winner with Squish and his fellow amoebas not to mention the paramecium, the lovely Peggy and, and now the new kids in the pond, The Algae Brothers. Squish is determined that this new school year will be different. He will be cool, will sit with the cool kids at lunch, and not get picked last on the playground. Of course, the best laid plans...<250>

Black and white with touches of green illustrations combined with the spare text still manage to convey a range of emotions on the part of Squish and his pals and his enemies. Add to this a little science learning, and you hae a wonderful book to share with kids and with your science teachers, too.
Tags: gn for younger readers, holm, series, squish
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