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some more picture books

BUGLETTE THE MESSY SLEEPER (Tricycle Press 2011) by Bethanie Deeney Murguia is the story of a young bug who is normally very tidy. However, at night, Buglette becomes one messy sleeper as her dreams cause her to build mountains (out of her blanket and pillows) and other adventures. Her parents are afraid that her nocturnal activities will draw the attention of the crow. What can they do to keep messy Buglette safe? <245>

FUDDLES by Frans Vischer (Aladdin 2011) features a very spoiled cat (Fuddles) who longs for some more adventure in his life. He manages to sneak out the door one day only to discover that he is very ill-suited for the outdoors and for adventure. Now, if he can only find his way back home to be spoiled once again. <246>

Nadia Shireen provides readers a glimpse into a GOOD LITTLE WOLF (Knopf 2011), one who would never huff and puff or eat grandmas or do anything wrong. The big, bad wolf tries his best to encourage poor behavior but the good little wolf prevails. The final illustration of the big, bad wolf will give readers some pause. <247>

I love Dan Santat's illustrations for Lisa Yee's series on Bobby and his own GN SIDEKICKS. Here he teams with Jill Esbaum in TOM'S TWEET (Knopf 2011). When Tom finds a tiny bird, he plans to eat it. However, the tiny thing is not even a mouthful, so Tom decides to place the tweet back in his nest. That plan has a flaw (an angry mother bird), so Tom instead cares for tweet for the day. He comes to understand that caring from someone else makes him feel quite good despite having to mash up worms in his mouth for feeding purposes. Lots of good humor in the illustrations. <248>
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