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Picture Book Celebration

Tuesday is picture book day this week since it is my only office day. Most of these are in F&G, so several do not even have covers available yet. I will post only those whose covers I can locate as I think it is rather silly to talk about picture books without any pictures, right?

Birdie is back in BIRDIE'S BIG-GIRL DRESS (Little Brown 2011) by Suejean Rim (last book was about big girl shoes). Birdie needs a new dress for her birthday party as she has outgrown her own dresses. However, she can find nothing to suit her at the boutique. So, Birdie must use her own supplies from the attic. Voila! A lovely new outfit that is SO Birdie! <242>

I love the title of this: YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND! (Little Brown 2011) Not, Will You Be My Friend? Peter Brown's latest offering is a wonderful romp of a story about a really assertive young bear named Lucy who is determined to find a new friend today. This is not as easy as Lucy had originally thought it would be, though. I adore how the dialog and the text appear as pasted on the page balloon bubbles. Brown is an artist whose work ranges from CHOWDER to THE CURIOUS GARDEN. He manages to use media and techniques that are perfectly suited to his stories. <243>

ZOOZICAL (Knopf 2011) gives us the dynamic duo of Judy Sierra and Marc Brown. It is winter at the zoo and everyone, animals, keepers, and visitors alike, are in the doldrums. How can they break free from winter's hold? The animals have a plan: a zoozical! Bright paintings and a bouncy rhyming text surely will lift readers from any sort of doldrums. <244>
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