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Page by Paige

I am often asked and even teased about my love of Twitter. Those folks who are not getting PD from Twitter do not quite "get" what is available there. For instance, I might have easily missed this little gem of a GN had it not been for my Twitter and real life friend and colleague, Paul Hankins. Paul posted some tweets about the book a while back. I added the title to ever growing list of books. Bought it a couple of days ago and dove right in. Thanks, Paul! It was wonderful.

PAGE BY PAIGE by Laura Lee Gulledge (Amulet 2011) is a graphic novel about Page, newly arrived in NY from Virginia. While the book may begin as a fish out of water story, it is about so much more. Page is an artist. It is the way she can explore herself and her life and keep a record of what she finds and thinks and feels. As readers explore this novel they will find that words and drawings mix and intermingle. Sometimes words dominate and elaborate the pictures; other times, it is the illustration that reveals what is behind the spare language. This give and take between text and drawing is, of course, what is wonderful about the GN to begin with. But Gulledge takes this format and pushes it. There are traditional paneled pages but much of the novel takes the page as a canvas of what is important in Page's life at the moment (parents, budding romance, making friends, pushing beyond her limits) and highlights it in some way: size, curvature, detail: the art is artistry in motion. <241>
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