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GN from Allen Say

Unfortunately, I do not have a cover to share right now. However, Allen Say's DRAWING FROM MEMORY (Scholastic, September 2011) is a memoir of his childhood told in a format that approximates graphic novel. Say;s talent and enthusiasm about art did not sit well with either his father or mother. However, when he was sent away to boarding school at the tender age of 12, Say managed to introduce himself to a comic book artist whose work he admired. Soon, Say was apprenticed to Orito-san who he called Sensei (teacher). In addition to his studies, Say undertook lessons from the master, lessons that would serve him well (and continue to serve him well) as a picture book artist and author. This will be a book that will add depth to the reading of all of Say's picture books. Mostly, though, it demonstrates how one must pursue a dream and make it a reality. <238>
Tags: gn, memoir, picture book
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