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Lois Ehlert has long been one of my favorite illustrators. Her collages are distinctive to say the least. Her latest offering is Rrralph (BEACH lANE 2011). Ralph is the new dog and he can talk. Asked what is on the outside of a tree, Ralph responds, "bark!" Yep, here are those wonderful jokes about talking dogs come to life with the brilliant realia collages Ehlert has assembled. <230>

HIDE AND SHEEP by Andrea Beaty with illustrations by Bill Mayer (McElderry 2011) is reminiscent of some of the antics of Farmer Brown's animals from Click Clack Moo and the other books in the series. Here, Farmer McFitts' sheep escape shearing and go on adventures. Some go to a baseball game (and crop the grass in the outfield), some visit the zoo, others go to an art museum. Finally, Farmer Mc Fitts catches up to them all, but not before they have all enjoyed some time on the lam (pun intended). <231>

IF ROCKS COULD SING: A DISCOVERED ALPHABET by Leslie McGuirk (Tricycle 2011) is a concept book that uses rocks in the shape of the letters of the alphabet. The object being described (as in A is for Addition) are also rocks. Clear photographic prints with touches of color, this is a wonderful book to sit and read and then head out to find some rocks of your own. <232>
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