professornana (professornana) wrote,

finally, picture books on Monday!

This will be a rare Monday in the office for me for a few weeks. Next Monday is a holiday and then we head off with the resident of the back bedroom to her graduation trip to NYC and will be gone for the next couple of Mondays. I shudder to think of the backlog of boxes I will face then, but it will be nice to take the resident to see Broadway and the rest of the city as well. So, in the meantime, I am hoping to take some time several times today to post about some new picture books.

Terrific browsing in WEIRD BUT TRUE 3 from National Geographic (2011). Did you know: a shark can live for 6 weeks without eating? there is a building in Poland that looks like it is melting? the world's largest rock is taller than a 100 story building?some monkeys in Thailand teach their young to floss? All this and much more await readers who adore these trivia fun fact books. <226>

Lauren Thompson gives readers a rhyming treat in CHEW CHEW GULP (McElderry 2011) with illustrations by Jarrett Krosoczka. Some food can be gulped, some licked, some nibbled. Simple text, bold illustrations combine to make this a fun read and maybe even create some less fussy munchers. <227>
Tags: picture books
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