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middle school trauma

James Patterson and Chris Tebbetts team up to give intermediate and tween readers MIDDLE SCHOOL-THE WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE (Little Brown 2011).  For those kids who already love Wimpy Kid and Loser List, here is another book to offer. Rafe is a new students at Hills Village Middle School and things are not going well. A bully picks on him, his soon-to-be-stepfather is a stain in the couch which means his mother has to work extra shifts, and he has no friends (well, unless you count Leo his invisible pal). Rafe decides to make his mark on HVMS by violating every single rule in the handbook. It is a noble plan (well, at least from a 6th grader's point of view) and at first is rather a success. However, there are bound to be complications. Short chapters, lots of illustrations by Laura Park, and over the top humor will make this one a hit with reluctant readers, especially the guys. <221>

I am posting this a day early as tomorrow (the real May 18th) is ou 38th wedding anniversary. With any luck we will have s splendid day at Half Moon Bay, California. See you later.
Tags: humor, middle school, tween books
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