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Every morning before London Lane awakens for another day at school, her brain clicks and her memories of the past disappear. London has memories, but those are of the FUTURE. That interesting, ingenious premise is the basis for FORGOTTEN by Cat Patrick (Little Brown 2011). Before she turns in every night, London writes notes about her day: what she wore, who she spoke to, homework assignments, other things she must "remember" in some way. And then everything gets turned upside down with the arrival of the new guy at school, Luke. What is it like to fall madly in love with someone and then not recognize them the next time you see them? How can you handle not knowing what you and your friend talked about yesterday but knowing that she is headed into a dangerous situation that might end up with a suicide attempt? These and other questions are the ones London tackles daily in this mystery, romance, coming of age story that is unique and irresistible. <219>
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