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romance among the stars

Amy watches as her mother and father are cryogenically frozen. They have left to her the decision about whether or not to join them on a spaceship where they will be reanimated in 300 years. Amy does decide to permit herself to be frozen. However, she is reanimated early. She is literally a fish out of water in this spaceship, the Godspeed, hurtling through space under the command of someone known only as Eldest. Amy detests the recirculated air, the false rain that falls from the ceiling over the fields. She is especially concerned about the monoethnic appearance of everyone else on board this ship.

Who awakened Amy and why? What secrets are being kept by Eldest even from the young man who will succeed him, Elder? Who is unfreezing other occupants of the cryogenic compartments and why? Revis alternates point of view each chapter between Amy and Elder as each attempts to put together puzzle pieces about the ship, its occupants, and its journey. Though the cover suggests romance as the main thrust, this book is part sci-fi, part mystery, and part budding romance, too. <217>
Tags: romance. alternating narrators, sci-fi, ya
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