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good for a laugh and a quick read

I read F IN EXAMS by Richard Benson from start to finish while waiting for my 9 am doctor's appointment (which began at 9:45). The subtitle tells it all: THE VERY BEST TOTALLY WRONG TEST ANSWERS. This is a compilation of some of the funniest (or maybe saddest depending on your point of view) answers given on exams. For instance,

Q: What happens to your body when taking a breath?

A: Your chest gets bigger.

Q: What is the main industry in Persia?

A: Cats.

Q: Use the word "congenial" in a sentence.

A: When you leave the gravy out too long, it congenials.

The chapters are the different subjects at school so everyone can have a good laugh whether in math, science, history, or English class. <214>
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