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Cinco de Mayo

Is it time for margaritas yet? Here are a few of the backlog of books I have been reading since I am not sleeping at night.

JUST IN TIME, ABRAHAM LINCOLN by Patricia Polacco (Putnam 2011) is vintage Polacco. Two young boys, Michael and Derek, visit Harper's Ferry with their grandmother. There they don period costumes, walk out a door and find themselves smack in the fray of the Civil War. They do make their way back to their own time, chastened and much more knowledgeable about the horrors of war. <209>

Admission: I love Phil Bildner. We met a long time ago at a conference and hit if off. Add to this love my appreciation for all of the work he has done to help rebuild in New Orleans (NOLA Tree) and his support of Texas librarians, and it is always wonderful to see him as I did a few weeks ago. But it is his talent as an author that is also part of my admiration and affection. UNFORGETTABLE SEASON: THE STORY OF JOE DIMAGGIO AND TED WILLIAMS AND THE RECORD SETTING SUMMER OF 41 (Putnam 2011) is a look back at a terrific summer of baseball. Williams was hitting over .400 and diMaggio was looking to set records for hits in most consecutive games. Both accomplished their goals, and gave fans much to cheer about. Terrific illustrations by S.D. Schindler add to the simple text that will engage readers especially those (LIKE ME) who love baseball. <210>
Tags: history, picture books, sports
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