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picture books!

I always manage to take a little bit of time on my office days to grab a handful of picture books to blog. While I know I will never catch up, it is nice to see the stack dwindle at least for a cuple of minutes. And I am trying desperately to read most of these so I can send them off to Alabama, too.

Matt de la Pena and Kadir Nelson team up for A NATION'S HOPE: THE STORY OF BOXING LEGEND JOE LOUIS Dial 2011). As the book opens, we see Joe Louis as a grown man, one facing down Max Schmeling. However, the story uses flashback to return to Louis' childhood and show the growth and development of this boxer who represented the battle against Hitler and the Nazis. <201>

And while we are talking about biography:

Here is LIBERTY'S VOICE: THE STORY OF EMMA LAZARUS by Erica Silverman with illustrations by Stacey Schuell (Dutton 2011). When Emma was small, educating girls was seen as a waste of time and money. Fortunately, Emma's father saw to it that his daughter received an excellent education. Think of how much poorer our lives would be without "The New Colossus" welcoming Lady Liberty and all she stood for. <202>
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