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getting graphic

Here are two graphic novels that have sustained me during waiting room time in the past few days and weeks.

Archie and his friends have had a 21st century makeover in this series from In ARCHIE: GOODBYE FOREVER, it appears that our hero will leave his beloved Riverdale when his father receives a well-deserved promotion at work. Betty is, of course, devastated, as is Veronica and Jughead. Bringing the illustrations forward from the 50s will reach a new generation of readers (though my husband grabbed my copy as soon as I read it). <198>

From Vertigo comes iZombie: Dead to the World by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. Volume 1 in a new series introduces readers to Gwen who works as a gravedigger (makes it easier to dig up corpses so she can eat their brains, dontcha know?). Her best pals are a ghost named Ellie and a were-terrier named Scott. Murder is afoot in her town. A team of vampires are running There is also another zombie doing much the same. Enter into the picture a hunky paranormal hunter and you have all the makings for action and adventure and romance (plus a good laugh from time to time). Loads of fun for mature readers. <199>
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