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picture books, still more, with animals

Tony Ungerer's ADELAIDE, THE FLYING KANGAROO (Phaidon 2011) was first published in 1959. Now a new generation of young readers can enjoy the story of an unusual kangaroo, one who could fly. Adelaide uses her wings to rescue people and to travel across the world. Simply words and soft illustrations combined with the fantastic Adelaide for a perfect read aloud. <191>

LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY (McElderry 2011) by Katie Davis and Jerry Davis, on the other hand, explodes with color and lwets readers up and close to our main character, a little chicken who likes to explore as well and thinks that big chicken cramps his style. When he gets lost, though, he is happy to have big chicken sow him the way back home to safety. <192>

Kimberly Marcus' SCRITCH SCRATCH A PERFECT MATCH (Putnam 2011) with illustrations by Mike Lester is a clever and funny romp of what happens when a flea grabs hold of a stray dog and sends him scritching and scratching down the streets. All ends well for our stray who ends up in a nice home. The flea even manages to find a new place to live: on a cat. More adventures are likely to ensue and kids will love to tell the rest of that story. <193>
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