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catcing up on the picture books

I LOVE VACATIONS by Anna Walker (Simon and Schuster 2011) features an adventurous zebra who loves vacations. This one is to the ocean and he is accompanied by his good friend Fred. Ollie and Fred spend the day at the beach floating in the water, finding shells, eating sandy sandwiches, and just being with one another. <189>

Speaking of friends and adventures, here is BROWNIE AND PEARL TAKE A DIP by Cynthia Rylant with illustrations by Brian Biggs (Beach Lane 2011). Brownie and her cat enjoy a day in the small blue inflatable pool in the backyard. <190>

LEAP BACK HOME TO ME (McElderry 2011) by Lauren Thompson with illustrations by Matthew Cordell shows an energetic young frog who leapfrogs from place to place but is always invited to leap back home to Mama. Both the text and the illustrations zing with action and ultimately conclude with a calm lovely reunion of the frogs. <190>
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