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catching up as fast as I can

Thought I would be back online Friday after some knee surgery. Did not happen. Ditto Saturday. And I was so wrung out yesterday after family came for Easter dinner, that I eschewed anything other than ice packs and aspirin. So, this morning (yes, hello again insomnia) I am going to post about the books I managed to read despite being kinds out of it. Maybe now they will make more sense.

Managed to read this book in its entirety the day of surgery. Was told to report at 6, but nothing and then we had to wait for the doctor to arrive (really? my timeIis worth nothing but his...) hate the utter disregard for patients I have witnessed. The nurses were all wonderful, by the way). So, anyway, at least I had a terrific book to keep me from being that kind of patient who wears out patience in people.

Chase has been traveling around the country with his father ever since his mother and sister died. They are storm chasers of sorts. Dad shows up in an area preparing for a natural disaster and helps folks get prepared. The, he is johnny on the spot afterwards to help in the rebuilding efforts. Now Chase is in a new school, one whose community is bracing for a Category 5 five hurricane down the road a bit. However, like all hurricanes, this one takes an unpredictable turn and ends up threatening the lives of Chase and two of his classmates. The action is fast and non-stop. For readers who love adventure survival stories, here is one they will grab on to with gusto. As someone who has lived in hurricane territory (we are 80 miles from the coast here) and seen Rita and Ike and their damage, I felt the terror right along with Chase and his companions. <183>
Tags: adventure and survival
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