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around (part of) the world in 500 pages

TO TIMBUKTU (Roaring Brook 2011) is the true story of the remarkable adventure of two students traveling through 9 countries (including Mali, China, Thailand) for a couple of years post college graduation. They teach in some schools in China and work their way across the countries interviewing teachers, painting murals, and collecting lots of stories. Those stories of travel and work in a foreign land are the basis for this travelogue combined with intimate observations about the food, the people, and the culture of the various countries. <182>

I am curious to see how older teens and perhaps some college aged readers react to this story. It is frankly told with sketches by Weinberg accompanying the words by Scieszka (yes, Jon's daughter is the author). Older readers who see themselves perhaps doing work overseas will find this an eye-opening read.
Tags: college, international settings, travel
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