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The lovely Sharon Hancock gave me an ARC of Cynthia Leitich Smith's (yes, our own LJer) TANTALIZE: KIEREN'S STORY (Candlewick Press, August 2011). This is TANTALIZE in GN format and told from Kieren's point of view. I admit that it has been some time since I read TANTALIZE, the original tale, so it took me no time whatsoever to switch to the story told from Kieren's perspective. Art by Ming Doyle is done, appropriately, in black and white, adding to the atmosphere of this vampire rum amok in the streets of Austin story. Vampires and weres (Kieren is a werewolf, but he has pals who are different weres including a werearmadillo) clash in this tale of a young girl who opens a vamp themed restaurant after the death of her parents. Unfortunately for Quincie, there are some real vampires hanging around, threatening her life and the lives of others. Kieren does his best to keep Quincie safe (after all, he is in love with her) without endangering his own family's identity. However, plans do go awry. The illustrations capture not only the characters but the setting and mood and theme of Leitich Smith's story. <181>
Tags: gn, vampires, werewolves
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